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We are Unified Properties Corporation.

Unified Properties is an online digital property company. We own and manage several thousand top level generic domain names for optimized paid search and development purposes. We design and build out full-scale web services and innovative mobile apps. In short, we pull the digital world together with our unique blend of experience, talent, and technology.

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Domain Names

A sweet domain is the starting point for any great internet success story. Core to our business is our impressive roster of Top Level generic domain names. With a wealth of quality domains at the ready we can leap into virtually any new web venture with a headstart on the competition. In today's increasingly crowded market, discoverability is more important than ever.

Web Services

Our secret recipe:

Fresh web services served on hot domain names.

At Unified Properties we are constantly exploring different vectors for success. Along the way we have developed and deployed several unique web services across a broad range of business sectors. From file sharing sites to online safety training, our web service offerings cater to a wide variety of audiences and purposes. Although our developments are varied and numerous they share a common objective: provide a quality service that delivers value to the end user. specializes in online safety training for TDG (Transportation of Dangerous Goods) and WHMIS 2015 (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System). is the first name in online OSHA training. Offering a comprehensive catalog of self-paced certification courses makes a popular destination for those in need of online OSHA training. provides 100% compliant WHMIS courses complete with official certificates. Available 24×7×365. offers affordable courses tailored for individuals as well as discounted group packages for companies. should definitely be the first destination for anyone requiring WHMIS or TDG training! provides online HAZWOPER 40 Hour, 24 Hour and 8 Hour Refresher training. With on-demand courses designed by leading experts, delivers immediate and cost-effective educational solutions that improve your safety, compliance and risk management initiatives. is a new site that provides online and DVD harassment training that is compliant, convenient, and cost-effective. Servicing both the United States and Canada, the site helps companies of any size navigate the delicate subject of harassment in the workplace. provides online safety training for hard-working Americans. Specializing in HAZWOPER and OSHA Outreach, offers interactive online courses that are totally convenient and fully compliant.

Use our search service to easily find people or get information about relatives, old friends, classmates, or even long-lost loves. You can uncover phone numbers as well as previous and current home addresses, e-mail addresses, images and videos.

Mobile Apps

Apps are everywhere! You them. We them too.

We love them so much we decided to build some of our own. We have lots of ideas for awesome apps so check back often or (even better) follow us on Twitter for the latest news and updates.

Check our current catalog of mobile apps:


The official FindAnyone app takes our powerful and popular web service and streamlines the experience for your iOS or Android device. This app grants you access to a wealth of personal information from public databases and puts it right at your fingertips! Get the details on old friends, co-workers, classmates, celebrities, relatives, or even long-lost loves. You can also uncover phone numbers as well as previous and current home addresses, e-mail addresses, images and videos.

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StopTap is a very fast and very simple game for iOS. Specifically designed for those times when you've got a second or two and need a quick fix of fun. Just hit the glowing button and a precision timer starts ticking away. Find the stop button on the grid and tap it as fast as you can! If you don't feel like hunting for the stop button just switch the game mode to Single and find out just how fast (or slow) you are. StopTap is the most fun you can pack into a microsecond. Its a free game with no ads or in-app purchases so give it a try today!